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Doleshel Park

May 18, 2020

Doleshal Park is a former Christmas tree farm that has now been converted into a fun community park. Visitors can see many of the former farm’s trees which have grown dramatically over the years. The park is home to some lovely picnic areas and walking trails, as well as a bridge that crosses the Allen …

Exploring Nature From Your Doorstep

March 24, 2020

During this extraordinary COVID Pandemic you have created a schedule for your family.  It includes outdoor time, but what can you actually do?  Nature exploration! Even though we have a Stay-At-Home order, with social distance we can still enjoy nature.  Governor Inslee said: “If you feel like going for a walk, gardening, going for a …

Washington Nature Preschool Association

September 20, 2019

The Washington Nature Preschool Association is a regional collaborative developed to support nature-based and outdoor early childhood education and teachers while working to meet the goals of connection, PD, resource sharing, community participation, research, and improving preschool education.