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Fisher Creek Park

October 21, 2019

Fisher Creek Park is a great place for children to run and play as it offers a playground and lots of open grassy space.  Fisher Creek Park is the perfect park for avid climbers as it offers a small climbing wall for beginners. Children interested in biking will love the bike courses located near the back …

Nature Play Kits Bring Smiles to Little Faces

November 14, 2019

A bag to collect pine cones and rocks. A bug jar to safely view insect pals. A kite to send soaring in the sky. A child’s beautiful smile.  In my practice as a pediatrician, I see a range of emotions in my clinic. When a little face lights up, it makes my day. My colleagues …

Washington Nature Preschool Association

September 20, 2019

The Washington Nature Preschool Association is a regional collaborative developed to support nature-based and outdoor early childhood education and teachers while working to meet the goals of connection, PD, resource sharing, community participation, research, and improving preschool education.