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Youth Peace Park

September 29, 2020

Youth Peace Park is a very unique park home to picnic areas, a lovely garden and memorial, as well as Marysville’s first climbing wall. Interestingly, the park was built by 100 volunteers on a single day back in 2003. The park’s design was based on a plan created by local middle school students.

BestStart Washington/Project Nature’s Commitment to Breaking Down Barriers Caused by Racial Inequality

June 30, 2020

BestStart Washington is committed to ensuring that all children and youth in Washington state  have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We recognize that entrenched structural racism is an unacceptable barrier to child health and potential. In our pediatric practices, we see first-hand the negative health outcomes that arise from racism including increased infant …

Washington Nature Preschool Association

September 20, 2019

The Washington Nature Preschool Association is a regional collaborative developed to support nature-based and outdoor early childhood education and teachers while working to meet the goals of connection, PD, resource sharing, community participation, research, and improving preschool education.