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City of Olympia Parks & Trails

The City of Olympia has over 1,200 acres of park land that consist of neighborhood, community, and open space parks, as well as recreational facilities. Each park has something unique to offer and amenities to better serve you. From playgrounds and ball fields to public art and wildlife habitats, come explore nature in a way that only Olympia can offer!

Park Hours: Olympia parks open at dawn and close at dusk, year around. Please be aware that several factors can impact gate openings and closings and that times can fluctuate based on road conditions, staff resources and unplanned circumstances.

For more information about Olympia’s parks call 360.753.8380 or submit a request online.

Note: Capitol Lake, Heritage, Marathon, and Sylvester Parks in downtown Olympia are part of the State Capitol Campus grounds and are managed by the State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services (DES). You can find information about these parks on the Washington DES website external link.