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50 Fall Activities for Families

Autumn is a spectacular season with crisp leaves and cooler weather. Take advantage of the changing season by enjoying some fall specific outdoor activities like going apple picking or jumping in a leaf pile. We put together a list of our favorite 50 fun fall outdoor activities so you can enjoy this season to its fullest.


Consider planning a late afternoon walk at Discovery Park this Fall


Here are 50 fun fall outdoor activities for kids:

1) Go Apple Picking

2) Get lost in a Corn Maze

3) Visit a pick-your-own pumpkin patch

4) Jump into a leaf pile

5) Play “I Spy” during a nature walk

6) Collect and identify leaves

7) Visit the zoo

8) Take a hayride

9) Roll down hills and listen to crunching leaves beneath you

10) Visit a park and bring along a tree or bird guidebook

11) Take a family bike ride

12) Collect acorns and paint faces on them

13) Go on a color walk, gathering outside “treasures” in yellow, orange, red and brown

14) Have a neighborhood costume parade

15) Play hide-and-seek with glow sticks

16) Set up a fire pit and make s’mores outside

17) Host a fall- or Halloween-themed scavenger hunt

18) Visit an arboretum

19) Attend a local harvest festival

20) Visit a farm

21) Take a drive to view the colorful foliage

22) Collect pinecones to decorate a mantle or tabletop

23) Plant spring bulbs

24) Trace a tree pattern by placing a piece of paper on the trunk and rubbing a colored pencil over it

25) Build a leaf fort

26) Play a game of two-hand touch football

27) Make a pinecone bird feeder

28) Get spooked in a haunted house

29) Celebrate Oktoberfest

30) Jump in puddles

31) Go Bird Watching

32) Find constellations in the night sky

33) Play With Sidewalk Chalk

34) Set Up an Obstacle Course

35) Visit a park

36) Plant a fall garden

37) Go on a bug hunt

38) Go geocaching

39) Have a fall picnic

40) Drink Hot Coco outside

41) Read a book about the outdoors

42) Bring the outside in with indoor plants

43) Go to a Fall Fair

44)Tell spooky stories by a bonfire

45) Have a backyard sack race

46) Go on a night walk by the light of the moon

47) Carve a pumpkin

48) Try different varieties of apples to find your favorite

49) Paint with mud

50) Climb a tree

Written for Project Nature by Rebecca Mongrain