• Outdoor Childhood Puget Sound

    A facebook group for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and educators in the Puget Sound region who are interested in helping kids live a healthier and happier childhood by spending more time outdoors. We share tips, events, interesting articles and ideas for how to get our kids playing outdoors and connected to nature. In this digital …

  • Fay Bainbridge Park

    Families Together in Nature

    More Green, Less Screen: Let’s Put Nature Back in the Family Calendar! From exploring local parks to hiking, paddling and even camping adventures, Families Together in Nature Groups make it easy and fun for families to enjoy healthy outdoor activities together. Groups are self-organized and self-directed. You don’t have to be an expert naturalist, or …

  • The University of Washington Botanic Gardens

    The University of Washington Botanic Gardens youth and family programs provide meaningful hands-on experiences for all ages, toddlers to teens. Visit their website today to learn more about: School field trips Summer Camps Family Nature Classes Fiddleheads Forrest Preschool Night Hikes Story Times