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Outdoor Childhood Puget Sound

A facebook group for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and educators in the Puget Sound region who are interested in helping kids live a healthier and happier childhood by spending more time outdoors. We share tips, events, interesting articles and ideas for how to get our kids playing outdoors and connected to nature. In this digital age that can be a tough feat, so we also share our struggles as we all try to find a way to prioritize outdoor time in our lives. This group is for all of us, so please share! Post a photo from your recent hike, tell us all about a new playground you discovered, share an outdoor-related event in the area, ask a question or share a challenge. Please read our guidelines first, and then feel free to post! We’d also love your input on what you’d like to see covered. Any topic related to kids, play and the outdoors is fair game. We’re interested in seeing the questions that emerge from this group and how we might address them together. Please invite your friends and family members to join our group, too. WHO ARE WE? We are a group of Seattle-area parents and writers who found each other because we care about connecting kids (and adults!) to the outdoors. This issue is a huge one for the age we live in, so join us in this discussion.